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Each colour was specially mixed by me and is triple stained for maximum colour and grain contrast. Colour bursts are available in two or three colour bursts. Click on a colour for a lager picture.

Quick word on woods

There are many woods that are used for guitar making, some are standards and don't change, maple, ash, mahogany, wenge, walnut etc, then you have your exotics, rosewood, ebony, snakewood, burrs, flames and quilts, others end up on the CITES list and become either very expensive, very hard to come by or impossible to get , Brazilian rosewood and cocobolo for example, new ones come along to replace or add to what we already use, it's an ever changing market, If you know what you want, great, if not I'm always happy to chat about uses, suitability and sounds, not all woods are suitable for all uses and i'm happy to advise on this. 

I have a list of woods and their tonal qualities should you need help to make your mind up when ordering, again I'm happy to go through wood choices and uses.

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