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Custom options and costs


Our standard spec is very high so you don't have to add lots of extras. Four stringed basses come with a 34" scale length, five and six stringed basses come with a 35" scale length for a better tensioned and balanced E string. All basses come with as standard - 3 to 9 piece multi laminate thru-neck, AAA figured bodies, at least a  AAA figured top with 0.6mm accent pin stripe, wooden magnetic cavity and truss rod covers, MOP side dots and headstock inlay, John East 4 knob delue EQ, black hand wound Armstrong pick-ups, strap locks, satin or matt lacquer or wax, black or chrome hardware,  and a Hiscox liteflight case.

Four string - £3500.00

Five string - £3650.00

Six string - £3800.00


Left handed available at no extra cost

ERB and octave strings prices on request

All prices are pounds sterling


Figured rear wood with single 0.6mm accent stripe £250 upwards - with continuous wood cavity cover £75 - Rear headstock veneers X 2 £50 -  Wooden pick up covers £125 - Extra body pin stripe , 0.6mm £35, 1mm pinstripe £60 (enquire for one matching the top wood) - wood bound fretboard £75 - bell brass fret wire £15 - 10-12 piece neck £75 upwards - Chambered body on fretted £75 - Thru-body stringing £50 - Wooden knobs £90 - Gold  or vintage copper hardware £30 - 12th fret inlay £50 upwards - Front dots on fretboard £25 upwards -  Gloss lacquer £195 - colour stain £25 - with sunburst £45 - Gloss oil £50. 18 volt electrics £50.

If you do not see what your looking for please enquire this is just a selection of upgrades.

If you are looking for more than one upgrade please contact us as we will put a bundle price together saving money.

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