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Unbeatable Quality



For our pickups we use Arron Armstrong pickups, because they are the best, used by many in the industry, he has a long family heritage in pickups and it shows, they are hand-wound to our specs, they come in black as standard but can be upgraded to wooden covers. We use double coil humbuckers and single coil, whatever you choose you know they will be world class.


we use the John East Uni Pre EQ's, simply because after extensive testing of many EQ systems these have proved to be the clearest with fantastic scope. They come in 4 knob deluxe, consisting of stack vol/blend, bass/treble, mid/mid sweep plus a tone for when in passive which has a pull function for active/passive, or 5 knob duluxe which allows for full passive mode, allowing passive tone, blend and volume, both can have either flat respond when EQ set to centre or with a slight pre-shape set to centre.



For our hardware again we tried many companies until we settled on the ones we now use, again they was chosen simply because there are at the top of their industry. For our machine heads we use Schaller, any style you like and for our bridges we use Schaller 3D or Hipshot style A, for individual bridges we use Hipshot triple lock down. We also use Newtone strings, we like diamond nickel plated but their stainless are fantastic too, talk to us about your needs.



All our basses feature, 3 to 9 piece laminate quarter sawn thru-body necks for superb stability, angled headstocks for better string tension, two way truss rods allowing perfect relief control, strap locks for safety, beautiful mother of pearl side dots and headstock inlay, wooden truss rod and control cavity covers held in place by rare earth magnets for super fast accessibility, copper lined control cavity, recessed barrel jacks plus many more details to make it as good as they can be.

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